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Flagship Brochure Our full-color brochure detailing our world-class aluminum casting capability Download
"Foldout" Casting Brochure (4 page) Full-color brochure detailing our broad capability in the Permanent Mold process Download
"Foldout" Casting Brochure (Interior Poster) Full-color poster illustrating case-studies of successful casting conversion projects and giving in-depth analysis as to the advantages of Permanent Mold Download
Machine Design Magazine Article "A Better Way to Cast Aluminum" and "An Example of Mold Tolerances" written by Arun K. Gupta. Download
"Metal Finishing Center" Flyer One-page flyer describing our various popular metal finishes Download
"Molded Inserts" Flyer One-page flyer that serves as a nice tutorial when considering molded inserts in aluminum castings Download
"Quick Design Guide" Flyer One-page summary of the Aluminum Assoc. Standards for Aluminum Castings; very useful for the design engineer Download
"Permold Casting Tutorial" Flyer One-page flyer covering the basics; "Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting 101" Download
"Permold Vs Die-Casting" Flyer One-page flyer outlining our advantages over die-casting Download
"Permold Vs Sand Casting" Flyer One-page flyer outlining our advantages over sand casting Download
"Permold Vs Fabrications" Flyer One-page flyer outlining our advantages over machining parts out of bar stock, billet, etc. Download
"The Powder Coating Advantage" Flyer One-page flyer outlining the advantages of powder coating, including color, environmental impact, and durability. Download
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CNC Machining Brochure Full-color brochure detailing Gupta's extensive machining capability Download
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Extrusions Brochure Overview of Gupta Permold's extrusions capability serving the world's OEM Download
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