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The saying is true. "Good parts are not cheap, and cheap parts are not good." However, that doesn’t imply being cost effective is not critically important in today’s globally competitive world.

No matter who we supply or what the application, Gupta Permold prides itself on striving for globally competitive costing. In our minds, our customer’s cost goals are our cost goals.

In terms of new products, our factory automation and state-of-the art equipment and fabrication techniques will be a leading reason your BOM comes under budget.

However, in terms of "conversions," Gupta’s impact can often be far greater, Whether converting a machined hog out to an aluminum casting or a complex assembly to a singular piece machined extrusion, our capability is only surpassed by our imagination.

Have a part right now that’s costing too much? Let us have a look at it today!


Cost effective parts are no help to your operation if they are late. Gupta Permold offers and promises competitive delivery to suit your demanding production schedule.

We also can offer rush order programs to get you out of jams, and as an added bonus, offer a very popular JIT program which allows you to buy production volumes of parts in days rather than weeks, and sometimes even in hours.

Flexible ordering solutions include:

  • Blanket Orders with Scheduled Releases

  • Blacket Orders with Expiration

  • JIT Delivery

  • Consignment

  • Discrete Lot Orders

  • Staged Blanket Orders

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